Thursday, June 7, 2012

Its My Tale!!

Well,I've been through a week of pain now with my stomach and insides hurting really bad and haven't been eating or sleeping. I'm so tired of living with it but with no insurance and no money I can't go see no doctors! I'm tough & stubborn and I'll survive,always have!! Well I finally got my group up & running no thanks to others who were there,I had to do this on my own! Brenda and Lisa and all have abandoned me to make thier own groups so guess I'll make it & go on with what I can do! Have a dear friend back who left Facebook for a while but shes back and more than willing to do what she can for me now to keep me going and encourages me to no end!! OH,and about my being a witch,YES,I am and soon as my studies are all done she is going to help me more,I'm going to be a Priestess!!!!!! YES!!! I am so happy about that!!!  I am working my way through my craft and now helping others too to learn more as they seek knowledge to become the witch they want to be!! We don't have stores around to get the things I need so I am waiting until the money is right and I'm going to order what all I 'll need from online. I hope this coming up week-end going to be nice because I have been wanting to get some much needed rest. Hopefully I will!! Oh,and I got some really awesome pictures of my grandbabys and I have to say I'm so proud of them!!! Well,May the Goddess watch over me and bless me through this night!