Monday, April 30, 2012

What a day!!!

It seems today has been one of those days when I either should have stayed in bed or go bury my head in the sand!! First it really started yesterday when my ole man and I didn't speak to one another from me being angry with him over our intimate life!! It seems to me he can make every excuse in the book for not being making love to me there is!! It's bad enough I don't have a great self esteem as it is and this just seems to makes me feel worse!! I then get up this morning and he had been in from work for 2 hours in which he could have made that up to me but nooooo,he says he was just trying to let me sleep,I appreciate the effort but he could have come been intimate with me and then let me sleep afterwards!! Its seems to me our married life is like living as an old married couple!! Live together as married but with out the intimate part!!! And he thinks buying me things is his way of showing me he loves me,I could well do witout material things and would rather he show me the right way he loves me!!! Then we had a knock down drag out argument this morning which didn't put either one of us in a great mood all day and not speaking again!! And then we find out someone got Facebook to shut down our weather page and  he has been angry all day about that and trying to get it back and can't !!! And it just seems like when it rains ,it pours around here(bad wise) !!!! I'm so sick of arguments and fights all the time and he blames me for them when he could try to understand how we as women feel!! I feel like I have lucked out when it comes to men and romance!!! They just don't have it nor do they understand it!!! I guess we will be sleeping on opposite sides of the bed from now on if this keeps up!! If  I have to keep going through this I will scream!!! 


  1. I am glad you shared your inner most feelings here on your blog. So many of us women feel the same way. I am sorry you are having to deal with this right now. It is hard to figure out how to go on when we feel so trapped. Goddess loves you so much and wants you to have a happy life! Blessed be my dear Sister Witch! Blessed be and lots of love!

  2. Thank you so much my loving sister!! Goddess Blessings to you.