Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Heck Of A Week!!

Boy,Its been one heck of a week so far!! I don't know what is going on but its just gotta get better,if not I'm ready to bury my head in a sandbox!! Really,really need a vacation badly right now!! I wish right now I was over in Ireland where I had some peace,contentment and quiet ! I know we all go through bad times but not all the time,whewwwww!! It seems like lately it goes with the old saying of "when it rains,it pours"!! I am going through problems with my hubby and my kids all at the same time. My kids wanna do nothing but cause drama and fighting with the family issues,I finally got enough last night with them and told them exactly where I stood!! If they wanna get along with me they will stop with the drama and cussing and arguments and learn I won't take it anymore!! And as for my ole man,I don't know if he will ever change !! Men I've found just don't understand how we as women feel and what we go through !! Then last night someone who I thought was my best friend on facebook said she would never leave me as a friend suddenly dropped from my group and dropped me as a friend! I went to her to confide something I felt needed to be told(nothing about her) I was trying to save another friend from getting hurt. And then she just up and drops me!! I was so hurt and heartbroken because I had put my heart out to her and my trust and I see how I was repaid. I feel like I won't do that anymore!! And I'm ready to say if people can't accept me for who and what I am then the hell with them!! Well,I sure hope tomorrow is better than the beginning of the week has been ! I'm thinking about taking a weeks vacation from Facebook and watch my shows online or go somewhere before I go stark raving crazy!!! I'll be so glad when June gets here and we get the money from the Tyson lawsuit and backpay so we can take a vacation somewhere,anywhere just away from here!!!

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  1. Wow what an honest blog post! I could feel your frustration, your hurt and your desire for peace and comfort! I hope that your life turns around for you. Full Moon is on the horizon and can bring about turbulent emotions and times but She can also bring about hope of fullness and completeness! May you know that Goddess holds you in her arms and loves you so much as do I! Blessed be my dear Sister, blessed be!